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Diamond Wire Saw Beads
Diamond Wire Saw Beads are developed using high-grade materials to ensure to provide excellent results and efficacy. They are provided in sturdy and easy to use designs.
Diamond Drill Bits
This Diamond Drill Bit is widely used for making holes in any hard non-wood surface. This can be used on a range of materials from glass, stone, ceramic, porcelain, marble to granite.
Diamond Polishing Pads
Diamond Polishing Pads are used for polishing a range of surfaces and materials to ensure to provide high gloss shine. They are ideal for providing shiny finishing to the materials at end of the polishing process.
Diamond Grinding Discs
Diamond Grinding Discs are metal-bonded diamond tools mounted on concrete grinders for ensuring to grind different abrasive building materials such as marble, concrete, granite, etc.
Diamond Hand Pad
Diamond Hand Pad is used for polishing and finishing granite marble stones. This is also ideal for dry or wet polishing
Diamond Profile Wheel
This sturdy Diamond Profile Wheel can be used on varied materials from ceramics, artificial stone, marble, granite, quartz to glass. It ensures excellent finishing and polishing of material during building or decoration of establishments.