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Diamond Wire Saw Beads

We offer Diamond Wire Saw Beads, which find vast applications in the industries of stone cutting. Cutting productivity and the service life of these products is really fruitful due to their excellent performance. Offered products come optimal mechanical & physical properties. Besides a good hardness, these saw and beads are also appreciated for their wear resistance that is vital parameter, which affects wire-sawing procedure. Provide rotational motion in the cutting procedures, these Diamond Wire Saw Beads are configured for cutting piles, platform legs, pipelines, wellheads, multistring casings or topsides equipment. Accoutered with modular buoyancy modules, these offer reliable operation.

Key Points :
  • Absolutely ideal for quick cutting via dissimilar materials.
  • Resistant to compressive forces, come with enhanced sinterability.
  • Configured for multistring casings, piles, underwater cutting on pipes, platform legs and wellheads in the gas & oil industry.
  • Precise cutting of underwater and multistring casings.
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Diamond Wire Saw for Marble Quarrying

Diamond Wire Saw for Marble Quarrying is widely used in mining industries for a variety of purposes. It is used for cutting hard stones into large blocks for their easy transportation to processing industries. This wire saw is coated with a supreme quality elastomeric compound to assure its high corrosion resistance and stability of internal components. Assemblies of this cutting tool are connected together with the help of a mechanical joiner.

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Diamond Wire Cutting Rope

Diamond Wire Cutting Rope is known for its long length with very less breakage ratio. It has plastic coated surface to assure its long lasting life. This rope is used for stone & marble cutting and marble squaring purpose. It is made using sintering technology under controlled conditions with surface electroplating, ensuring its availability for heavy duty applications. This rope is made from the loops of high grade steel having good tensile strength that are connected by a mechanical joiner.

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Diamond Wire Saw for Granite Quarrying

Diamond Wire Saw for Granite Quarrying has been made with high-quality raw materials to assure its reliable & efficient performance. It is known to have high wear resistance due to provided rubber coating. This wire saw is designed to be used for cutting granite with complete safety. It is highly appreciated for its low noise & low dust producing nature. This tool also has the ability to bear high temperature and is suitable for heavy duty applications as well.

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Wire Saw Bead

Wire Saw Bead is used for stone quarrying and rubber & plastic injections. It is used for cutting different shapes from large slabs of granite, concrete, sandstone, marble, and limestone. There is a small cutting slot in this saw bead. It is known to minimize the waste of material and increase the productivity. This saw bead does not produce high noise during operation and is highly flexible in nature.