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Diamond Segment

Diamond Segments are the utility parts of the metal-fused diamond tools, which can be the diamond grinding cup wheel, the diamond gang saw blade, metal-bonded diamond blade, core drill bit or some other. The diamonds inserted in the tool's are the sections that play the role of grinding or cutting. These sections are incorporated with metal bond materials and small-sized diamonds. The metal bond physicals may incorporate the powders of Fe, Ag, Co, Cu, WC, Mo, Sn, Ni, graphite etc. The diamonds are intermingled with the bond materials, and the concoction is loaded into molds. Offered Diamond Saw Segments are made after the procedures of sintering, hot pressing, cold pressing or grinding.

Key Points :
  • Available in assorted varieties on diamond tools.
  • The features of the diamond parts on the tool should be compatible with the nature of the material that is to be cut.
  • Come with adequate & accurate concentration and hardness.
  • Offered with optimal cutting efficiency.
Product Image (Stone-Block Cutting)

Stone Block Cutting Segment

Our Block Cutting Segment is quite sharp in design, thus offering a good performance. It is used in bridge-cutting and single arm cutting machines. This segment is used for cutting sandstones with quartz and some forms of slate. It is designed to function explicitly with an accurate result. This segment is also suitable for narrow cutting of the intended blocks. It can be availed in multiple sizes and dimensions as per the requirements of the client.

Product Image (14)

Diamond Sandstone Segment

Diamond Sandstone Segment is made by sintering of true quality raw materials under controlled conditions. It is utilized for cutting sandstone in a specific shape creating smooth edges.  The cutting speed of these segments is appreciable, thus ensuring its excellent performance. This segment is comprised of multiple layers with seamless surface finish & dimensional accuracy. It is known to have good stability, sharp cutting tools, great bonding of metals assuring its long lasting life.

Product Image (15)

B Type Cutting Segment

Our B Type Cutting Segment is used for cutting granite, concrete, sandstone, marble, and limestone. It is highly appreciated for its good sharpness, high speed rotation, smooth cutting, & long lasting life. This segment provides ‘B’ letter blocks of marble or concrete material required to make pavements and boundaries. It is a metal bonded diamond tool which finds its use in the construction industry.

Product Image (17)

Segment For 2.5M Blade

Segment For 2.5M Blade is used for cutting & reshaping of tough stones. It can be utilized on manual or automatic cutting machine. This segment is greatly admired for its trustworthy performance and high durability. It is made having a transition layer which consists of a mixture of metal powders and a working layer having diamond particles. This segment can smoothly cut marble, granite, sandstone, and limestone.

Product Image (22)

Segment For 3500mm Blade

Segment For 3500mm Blade is used for cutting specific size stone block by installing it in automatic or manual machine. Made using latest technology, it is appreciated for having long lasting operational life and excellent performance. This segment is widely utilized in construction and stone processing industries.  It is comprised of two separate layers including working and transition. This segment assures smooth & perfectly finished surface of the end product.

Product Image (11)

Multi Blade Cutting Segment

Multi Blade Cutting Segment is used extensively for reshaping marbles, tiles, and ceramics. It is made with the latest technology in these segments to make them perform well. This blade is highly appreciated for its durability and efficient performance. Its manufacturing process includes a series of processes that include hot or cold processing, sintering, and arc grinding. It is also utilized for cutting stones in different structural configurations as desired by the user.

Product Image (13)

Sandstone Cutting Segment

Sandstone Cutting Segment is ideal to be used for working with granite, marble, stone, porcelain, different types of tiles, and masonry materials. It remains constantly in touch with the surface of workpiece during operation. This segment is known to deliver smooth and clean finish to the surface imparting an attractive look. It is highly appreciated for its long lasting operational life & the ability to perform well under extreme working environments.

Product Image (02)

Flat Segment

Flat Segment is utilized for cutting reinforced concrete, granite, brick, and asphalt. The blade used in this segment is compatible with both wet and dry conditions. It offers fast and smooth operation with low energy consumption. This segment is highly appreciated for its low operational noise and ability to withstand high heat & abrasion. It is widely used in construction and mining industries.  

Product Image (23)

Flat Diamond Segment

Flat Diamond Segment is used for cutting, polishing and grinding applications in ceramics and stone industries. It is comprised of metal bonded diamond particles that perform grinding work. This segment is known to have high wear resistance, rust proof nature, and ability to efficiently perform even for heavy duty work. It is shaped having a cuboidal structure with smooth surfaces. This segment can also be used in combination with single or mine saw.

Product Image (10)

Gang Saw Segment

Gang Saw Segment is most commonly used for cutting granite & other hard stones that do not require sawing finish. It can cut large sections of mine blocks into slabs and is known for its seamless finish. This segment is highly appreciated for its energy efficient nature, fast production, & better productivity. It can be availed in cuboid, trapezoid, and cymbiform shape for producing different structures.