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Diamond Saw Blade

We offer Diamond Saw Blades, which ensure optimal grinding and cutting. Typically, these have rectangular teeth, which comprise diamond crystals integrated throughout the section for grinding via extremely hard materials. Offered products are accessible in circular shapes and are the most widely utilized kind of diamond blades. These have numerous uses, including cutting concrete, asphalt, coal balls, glass, stone, bricks, and ceramics in the construction industry. In the IT industry, these Segmented Diamond Saw Blades are used for the cutting of semiconductor materials.

Key Points :
  • Designed for specific utilization including marble, concrete, masonry, asphalt, granite and gem-cutting blades.
  • Allow for uninterrupted diamond vulnerability.
  • Provide precise and well-shaped cutting of hard materials.
  • Used for the cutting of gemstones and diamonds, in the industry of gems.
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Horizontal Blade for Marble

Horizontal Blade For Marble is very precise and highly technical equipment used for cutting & grinding marbles and sandstones. It is designed having a circular shape with abrasive teethes on complete edges and numerous holes in between for proper heat dissipation. This blade is greatly admired for producing smooth edges without nicks, high durability, and excellent sharpness. It is utilized for block cutting saw machine and is known to have energy efficient nature.

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Turbo Blades with Protective Segments

Turbo Blades With Protective Segments are used for working with marble, concrete, stones, and granites. They offer excellent cutting performance for tiles and ceramic items. These segments have an ideal edge for trimming quality of the marbles and stones. They are made using premium quality metal alloy with sharp edges to assure their smooth cutting without producing any nicks. These are also provided with protective structures on both sides of the core ensuring their improved life.

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Segmented Blade for Dry Cutting

Segmented Blade for Dry Cutting is utilized for polishing & grinding of stones & marbles. It is ideal for shaping and smoothening the edges of hard tile & ceramic materials. This segmented blade is made using supreme quality materials to assure its durability and excellent performance. It is highly admired for its ability to work well for rigorous cutting of the tiles and stones. This segmented blade can be availed in various designs as desired by the customer.

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Turbo Blade For Cutting Granite

Turbo Blade For Cutting Granite is completely suitable to be used by professionals as well as DIY users. High quality diamond crystals are used for making this blade to assure its excellent performance. It is highly appreciated for reduced chipping on the edges of finished workpiece. This blade is comprised of a special bond for efficient cutting of granite countertop slabs.  It is known for its great wear resistance, corrosion proof nature, and ability to withstand extreme working environments.