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Diamond Hand Pad

Diamond hand pads are widely used all around the world and are the most popular type of diamond polishing pads. They are especially designed for finishing on delicate surfaces. These can be used on any surface such as glass, ceramic, marble, granite, concrete, etc. Generally they are best for last minute touch ups and finishing. Also, they best suits on those tight corners where cleaning is quite challenging. We are offering our clients various types of hand pads according to the requirements. We have the best quality diamond hand pads and are available in various sizes for the convenience of our costumers. You can avail these attractive and useful range of diamond hand pads at inexpensive prices.
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Hand Pad-Resin Type

Hand Pad-Resin Type is used for grinding and polishing the cut edges of hard surfaces including glass & stone. It is the cost effective alternative for power tools. This pad is made using hybrid synthetic resin particles which assures its fast & efficient working. It is highly appreciated for its user friendly nature and long lasting operational life. It is made by mixing diamond grits with precisely formulated resin powders to create a multi layered solid homogenous bond.

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Electroplated Resin Diamond Hand Pads

Electroplated Resin Diamond Hand Pads are required for on-site polishing of different surfaces including glass, concrete, ceramic, quartz, or marble.  They are made using nickel plating technology to assure stability of diamond particles at their place even after rigorous use. These hands pads are highly appreciated for providing shiny surface finish with lower human effort. They are ideal for vinegar etch, scratch removal, general purpose cleaner etch, and edge polishing.

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Diamond Hand Buffing Pad

Diamond Hand Buffing Pad is used with marbles, terrazzo, artificial stones, and glasses. It is a type of polishing pads along with a semi flexible foaming structure on its surface. This ensures high service life to the pad. It is made of sharp and aggressive diamond tool which assures its efficient performance. This buffing pad is ideal for carrying our several applications including scratch removal, spot removal, and stone polishing.